People are invited to join the conversation made of questions. Questions can be made of words, a video, a drawing or an audio.

Anyone can join the conversation by creating an account.

You can choose what you want the others to know about yourself. Be it age, ice cream flavour, or one thing you love.

The platform is answers-free, only wants to deepen our questions through other ones.

People are encouraged to ask questions about everything, but to make it simpler to find the right question, it will be possible to search an interesting subject.

The platform is not in one language, but in as many languages as you want. Anyone can leave a question in any language.


The idea will plant seeds also outside of the virtual world, being used as a tool to bring the conversation of questions outside, in the real world. Or is this the real world?

Workshops and games made only of questions meant to give more sense to our concerns will be organized in all the countries were we are from. The ideas generated by the project will also be presented on the website, so anyone can apply them.


Who are we? Are we randomly selected people, or are we a team? 

Adrian, Chris, Diana, Ines and Vanja. 

We are part of the the group Building Bridges in the Spaces for Solidarity project. 

You can find out more about us by just clicking our amazing photos. 🙂



This project has been developed as part of the Spaces for Solidarity project, by Culture Lab Europe and supported by European Cultural Foundation.